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How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner

How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner

When air conditioners are keeping you cool throughout, do not forget to get them serviced at the right time. Regular maintenance of the equipment prevents unwanted expenses and problems of inefficiency or failure of the system. It is important to keep the cooling and heating system of the air conditioner at its best. To ensure the right functioning, it is necessary to service your air conditioners at least once a year along with monthly checking and cleaning by yourself. At Coral Blue, we ensure the right AC duct cleaning in Dubai and AC service for long-run performance.

A regular and timely check includes lubricating the moving parts of the air conditioner, checking the thermostat settings and condensate drain along with inspecting the controls of the equipment. It should also include the tightening of all electrical connections.

To ensure comfort and energy saving, it is necessary to check the thermostat setting of the air conditioner’s cooling and heating systems. Faulty electrical connections can reduce the life of the equipment and also cause unsafe operations in the system. To avoid this, voltage and current on motors should be measured and all electrical connections must be tightened. The consumption of electricity increases when parts of the equipment lack lubrication. Therefore, lubrication of the moving parts should be ensured during the service of your air conditioner. Inspection of the condensate drain of the air conditioner is necessary for the water damage that a clogged drain can cause in the house. It also affects indoor humidity levels. Checking on the controls system to assure proper starting, operating, and shutting off of the equipment is needed to ensure safe and proper operations.

Maintaining the Cooling element

The equipment’s cooling ability is reduced due to dirty coils and it leads to improper functioning of the equipment. It damages the air conditioner leading to failure of the equipment and loss of cost. Keep a check on the refrigerant level of the central air conditioner and make adjustments if necessary. The life and performance of the air conditioner can be reduced due to too much or too little refrigerant.

For greater comfort levels and proper airflow in the system, it is necessary to clean the blower components and adjust them regularly. This can ensure the efficient and smooth working of the equipment.

Maintenance of the Heating System

Regular and timely maintenance ensures proper operation of the gas or oil connections. The improper connections may lead to fire hazards and can cause health problems. So, it is necessary to check the gas pressure, burner combustion, gas or oil, and the heat exchanger, regularly.

Get the motors inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to avoid the failure and inefficiency of the heating system of your air conditioner. Apart from the yearly service of your air conditioner, make sure that you inspect the air conditioner yourself every month and maintain it in a clean condition. Clean it or change the air filters. Maintaining a clean air conditioner is necessary as a dirty filter can lead to the failure and inefficient working of the system and it can cause damage to the equipment which will cause you a loss.

Service your air conditioners are Coral Blue and ensure the efficient and smooth functioning of the equipment. With us, do not fear the failure of the equipment and the costs involved. Yearly service of your equipment will guarantee the best heating and cooling experience

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