Deep Cleaning Sanitization & Disinfection Services in Dubai

In comparison to other sanitization and disinfection services, Coral Blue provides excellent services. Our services are completely timely, reasonable, safe, and reliable. As a disinfection services Dubai company, Coral Blue services stand out among our rivals. And our loyal clients appreciate and embrace our uniqueness.

How Do Sanitization and Disinfection Differ?

We are all aware that deep cleaning and sanitization services require scrubbing or wiping away contaminants like dust and filth. However, sanitization reduces the amount of germs to a safe level. On the other hand, disinfection fully eliminates microorganisms. Both bacteria and viruses fall within this category. If the surface has not come into contact with dangerous microorganisms, you can choose whether to sanitize it. If not, you should clean commonly touched objects, such as door handles, switches, and washbasins that happens to be home to potentially harmful germs.

Why Choose Our Deep Cleaning and Sanitization Services?

Your home won’t stay clean if you just use soap and water to wipe off the surfaces. You must clean and sanitize the area in order to get rid of harmful microorganisms. We provide deep cleaning and sanitization services in Dubai for homes, offices, and storage facilities. The Dubai Municipality has approved the items we utilise. We also instruct our experts on the laws governing hygiene, health, and safety.

What do we use?

We use the clear, tasteless liquid disinfectant Huwa San 25, which is based on hydrogen peroxide. For both children and animals, Huwa San 25 is skin-safe. A pump pressure sprayer and an electric ULV cold fogging machine is used.

What are the steps included in our sanitation services?

We provide a three-step service, The steps are:

Firstly, our expert visits to your location, equipped with the required tools and PPE.

Secondly, using the best sanitization services Dubai tools, the staff will fog or spray the surface. It is usually Fogger Machine with a ULV atomizer sprayer..

And lastly, we use a portable and powerful steam generator to clean up all wet areas.

We steam the sofa and mattress to disinfect them. As steam cleaning kills 99.99% of typical household germs. The best method of deep cleaning and sanitization without chemicals is steaming. Since it doesn’t use any cleaning products and uses little water, it is environmentally friendly.

Why Choose Us for Sanitization services?

For you to live a healthy life, we are trying to clean. We have a productive crew that is working enthusiastically. Our team is extremely dedicated to serving the medical community. Therefore, our services are available to provide you with the best outcomes if you’re trying to disinfect your residences. 

Having us offers several benefits, including the following:

Our staff is equipped with PPE

Our team is well-equipped with PPE for your safety and protection, preventing the spread of viruses from one person to another. As a result, we are intensely motivated and committed to providing you with the best deep cleaning and sanitization services.

Gloves are being used by our group

We are watching out for your security and taking all necessary precautions. The welfare of our clients is something we give a lot of thought to. The deep cleaning and sanitizing services are quite special in that all of the team members wear gloves to prevent the spread of germs to your spaces.

Chemical use

We use sanitizers, which are composed of chemicals that are useful for eradicating germs. The most reliable method for eradicating germs uses chemicals. Therefore, as part of our disinfection procedures, chemicals are sprayed throughout the house to ensure total sanitization.

Application of machines

To eradicate germs and cleanse surfaces, we have access to the most cutting-edge and scientific tools. These devices are greatly intensified to kill the interior crevices and areas of the house.